Cookie Policy

At Crystal Elegance, we have strived to ensure our website provides you with the best possible experience. We use cookies to help us do this.

Cookies help us understand how you use the website, so we can make it better for you when you come back. Part of the process involves collecting your information.

You can restrict the cookies at any time if that makes you more comfortable, but then you might not be able to access the whole site or make a purchase.

If you want more information, read on for the full explanation of how we use the information and exactly what we gather:

What are cookies?

A cookie is a trace record of letters and numbers that we put on your PC – when you agree, of course. Simply put, they allow us to recognise that you’ve been here before, they tell us your preferences and they help you login without any fuss. You can also recall products that you viewed recently so you can get to them without searching through the products again.

The way we use cookies

Our site utilises few cookies. These cookies permit us to recognise you, give you the best possible experience and enhance our site without damaging functionality.

We are required by law to furnish you with clear and extensive information about the cookies that we use. Our cookies do not store data which could personally identify you, they solely relate to your use of our site.

We use the following cookies:

Essential cookies

These are absolutely essential for the full functionality of the site. They allow you to sign in to secure areas, load your shopping basket and use the ecommerce facility.

Performance cookies

These help us to monitor the performance, how many people we have on the site and how you navigate it. This will help us make a better experience for you and help you find what you want faster, with fewer clicks, next time around.

Useful cookies

These remember you when you come back to the site to make the whole login process easier. They also allow us to tailor the site to you in terms of language, your area, delivery information and other things.

Focus cookies

These help us to tailor your experience and make more relevant offers to you, the customer, so that you have a more rewarding experience with us. We sometimes share this data, but again there is nothing to personally identify you and this is focussed on trends and habits of a large number of shoppers.

Discover more about the individual cookies:

Third party cookies

Our site also has third-party cookies, however, including outside suppliers and advertisers. We do not control these third party cookies, but they are almost exclusively focussed on your experience. These are generally focus cookies, designed to give you the most relevant adverts.

How to block cookies

You can block all cookies from your own web browser or alter your settings to permit specific types of cookie, or permit certain websites to use them without permission. You can set an alert for each website that allows you to specifically approve or deny the use of cookies for each individual website, including this one. You can find how to disable cookies online.

What will happen if cookies are disabled?

If you disable cookies then you will not be able to log in to this site, sign up or make purchases. You can find the information you need to disable all cookies online.